A4404 SAB

Pocket Analyzer

A4404 – SAB adalah vibration anlyzer 4 channels berukuran saku (pocket size).

Hubungkan Adash A4404 – SAB ke komputer manapun dengan USB kemudian gunakan unit untuk menganalisis data, mengumpulkan dan merekam sinyal getaran. A4404 – SAB telah ditingkatkan dengan modul dynamic balancing, measurement of run up and coast down serta acoustic measurement mode.

A4404 – SAB dilengkapi dengan Expert System yang dikembangkan oleh Adash, yang secara otomatis mendeteksi kerusakan mesin. Instrumen ini didukung langsung oleh koneksi USB sehingga tidak diperlukan daya eksternal.


Main Menu

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Select the type of the measurement (from simple overall values through FFTs and time signals to more advanced measurements with Proximity probes such as Orbits), set up the measurement settings according to your requirements (frequency range, sampling, units etc.) and take all the predefined measurements simultaneously


Route module is used for day to day data collection of your factory machinery. Simply create your route tree and take the measurements regularly.

Run Up

Similar to Analyzer mode where you can setup any measurement which you like. Run Up allows you to control the saving of data for example as soon as possible, by speed change, time change etc.


Recorder mode “records” the raw signal from the sensor (it means raw signal from the machine.) This allows you to make a post processing of the signal later on your PC.


Balancer allows you to perform one or two plane balancing job of rotating parts such as industrial fans, blowers, spindles etc.


Automatic detection of possible machine faults: Unbalance, Misalignment, Looseness, Bearing faults.


Place the sensor on the bearing house and listen the machine / bearing noise with headphones. V5 Pro enables to listen signals from 4 channels. Just switch between individuals channels. Adjust the volume according your needs.


Lubri is a maintenance tool used for monitoring and control of the lubrication process. Lubri measures the actual bearing lubrication status and informs the operator when the lubrication state is optimal.

Octave Analysis

Octave Analysis allows you to measure audible sound. Connect your ICP microphone and measure sound level and Octave spectrum with selectable 1/1, 1/3, 1/12, 1/24 resolution.

Bump Test

An easy way how of measuring structure resonance frequencies. No need for any settings, just place the sensor on the structure and hit it with the appropriate hammer.


ADS – Animated Deflection Shapes software is based on the method of operating deflection shapes. This means we visualize the vibrations of certain machine by animation.


Measurement of sound unhearable for human ear – ultrasound. Typical application is air leak detection, electrical arcing or early bearing fault detection.


Motor current signature analysis is a useful tool for electric motors inspection. Especially for detection of broken rotor bars, air gap eccentricity, shorted turns in stator windings and power quality.

Signal Analyzer Box

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